Custom Racks for John Salvi - 2018

Custom Racks for John Salvi - 2018

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Custom Racks for John Salvi
  • Quote is for a total of four racks
  • See schematics for details
  • Customer to provide Sterling Modular rack rails for us to cut and install
  • Upper rack horizontal divider to be U-shaped for cable pass-through
  • Bottom rack casters to protrude full 2-1/2". Non-braking on front, braking on back.
  • Optional waveform style venting on side panels
  • Optional black fabric frames behind venting, velcro in place
  • Optional rear frames on backs of racks wrapped in black fabric, velcro in place
Notes added 4/23/18
  • Leave bottom out of top rack.
  • U-Shape cutout in top of bottom rack.
  • Trim on sides where racks meet, around floor, and at horizontal division in top rack.
  • Trim to be 1-1/2" tall and 3/8" thick with double roundover top and bottom.
Notes added 5/16/18
  • Making 9-slot (each at 3/4” wide), dual-crested vent waves, which reduces the number of route slots by 36%, the “savings” of which (I hope) may be applied to the next two tweaks...
  • Adding the 1-1/2’ rounded trims - also along the bottom front & sides to prevent chipping and flaking over time as brooms, etc. may rub and bump this area when cleaning under the racks. 
  • Lengthening the vent heights of (just) the four top section vent waves, which would go from 7” to 13” for the tall slots, with the others increased proportionally. So, after routing there’s about 1-1/2” from the end of the vent slots to the horizontal trims which mark the section boundaries.  This should be the same roughly 1-1/2” buffer height above and below each vent wave in each section.
  • Shifting the very bottom, 8” high straight section of the racks forward in order to increase the overall rack depth, which at only 18” at the bottom (a little less considering the castors are inset a little too), and being a little top-heavy when loaded up, may make the racks prone to tipping backwards. Shifting the 8” straight section 2-1/2” forward will increase the base depth to 20.5” so, the base depths equal the total rack widths, and are a little more stable.
30-45 days lead time.

16 bf per slanted unit
15.5 bf per straight unit
64 bf total


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