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At AudioRax LLC, our commitment is unwavering: we craft enduring, top-quality furnishings and accessories designed to withstand the test of time. Specializing in functional furniture and accessories tailored for the audio industry, we take pride in our handcrafted pieces, each meticulously crafted right here in the heart of the Inland Northwest of the United States.

The essence of AudioRax lies in its fusion of craftsmanship and functionality. Our line of technical furniture caters to the needs of audio, video, and information systems alike. Joel, the founder, discovered his passion for melding music, audio, and woodworking after earning his degree in Audio Production. Years spent in the realm of live sound and recording inspired him to create furniture that not only complements but also elevates the equipment it supports, resulting in pieces as exceptional as the gear they house.

Joel Abbott - Owner/Designer/Fabricator