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Choose Mitered Joints or Finger Joints (Premium Series Racks)
Please see our page dedicated to this topic here.

Choose Material/Finish
We offer many quality hardwoods with clear finishes and medium density fiberboard (MDF) with painted finishes. All hardwood species are premium grade. If density and weight are a concern, please see the Janka Hardness Scale.  Finish charts can be found here. Also, samples can be ordered here.

Choose Depth
Some of our racks have the option to select the depth. This is the measurement from the front edge to the back edge of the rack. Note that this is not the usable depth of the rack. That is determined by the rack rail inset dimension - explained below.

Rack Rail Inset Dimension
This is the distance that the rack rails are mounted from the front edge of the rack. If you would like the faceplate of your gear flush with the front of the rack, you may want to choose 1/8". If you would prefer the faceplate be recessed, you can choose 1/4" or 1/2" inset. You can easily determine the usable depth of a rack after choosing the inset dimension. For example: If you choose a 12" deep rack with a 1/2" rack rail inset, you will be left with 11-1/2" of usable depth behind the front rails. The product schematic images will show dimensions behind the rack rails with a default 1/2" inset.

If you need an inset other than the predefined options (your gear sticks out a long ways), type this in to the comments on the checkout page. There is no charge for custom rail inset dimensions.

Cable Pass-Through Holes
Double and triple bay racks may have the option to add holes in the center divider panels to pass through cables from one bay to the next. The holes are "D" shaped and measure 3" tall and 1-7/8" deep. This is large enough to pass through the connector of a DB-25 cable.

Rear Rails
Choose this option if you would like rear rack rails installed. This is useful for heavier equipment that needs rear support or rack panels (vent panels, I/O panels, etc.). By default, we will use the same rack rail inset dimension as selected for the front rails unless otherwise specified in the special instructions at checkout.

Add Carry Handles
We currently offer three types of handles - surface mount flip handles, recessed flip handles, and routed cutout handles. The flip handles are both spring-loaded road case type handles. Some of the smaller racks can only accept surface mount handles due to the size of the cutout needed for the recessed handles. The routed cutout handle is a rectangle that measures 4-1/2" wide by 1-1/2" tall. All handles will be centered on the side panels unless requested otherwise.

*** Please note that if you choose to add handles, the option to add waveform venting on the side panels will disappear.
Choose Feet
Some racks will offer the option of adding rubber feet to the bottom. The feet are non-marring rubber that are 1-1/8" in diameter and 1/2" tall. Feet are installed 1-1/2" in from each corner on the bottom panel.
Add Swivel Casters
Some of our racks offer the option of adding swivel casters. All casters are swivel, non-marring, ball-bearing, heavy gauge design. There are two types of casters offered: medium and heavy duty. 

Each product page will list the total caster weight capacity in the drop-down menu related to adding casters (Caster quantity multiplied by capacity).

Please note that if you choose braking casters for a rack that has "concealed casters", we will leave the rear apron off the base of the rack so you can access the brakes.

Also, the medium duty casters will protrude 3/4 inch. If you choose heavy duty casters, they will protrude 2 inches. If this is a problem, please contact us ahead of time to customize the base of the rack to better conceal the casters.

Add Ventilation Slots in Side/Top Panels

We will determine the size and location best suited for the rack model you choose. In some cases, centering the waveform may not be the best location.

If you have previously selected to add handles on the side panels, the waveform option for side panels will disappear. You may still have a waveform vent in the top panel with handles on the sides.